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Training designed just for you and your team, with high sustainability

Have you worked out the return on investment from your last sales training intervention? 

If you haven’t you are not alone, and even if you had done the sums, like many others you would be sorely disappointedImprove Your Memory Written On Paper Note

Why is this? Few programmes provide any form of reinforcement – effectively wasting all but a very small proportion of your sales training budget. The SalesPulse Academy’s AuxiliumTM system boasts built in reinforcement, in addition to access to an intuitive eLearning platform for unparalleled attendee support.

Yet lack of reinforcement and support aren’t the only issues with traditional sales training…

In addition to these problems you also face minimum attendance numbers – and despite you realising the value of training that’s dedicated to your company alone, you simply don’t have the staff numbers to make it work. The SalesPulse Academy eradicates this issue.

Business Team Seminar Corporate Strategy ConceptWe open up a world of tailored on-site training to groups of any size. All our courses are bespoke in terms of course content and relevance to the industries you serve. We do not provide open vanilla flavoured courses with generic content as they do not work. We deliver a great return on investment made possible by our extremely cost-effective day-rate charge, rather than the usual per attendee charge, and with systematic reinforcement through AuxiliumTM.

If you’re seeking a tailored sales training programme for your business that really STICKS, then the programmes from The SalesPulse Academy will deliver.

You can select from a range of modules, or we can configure a completely bespoke programme tailored to your exact needs. You can see our complete range of modules by clicking here.

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