Bespoke Training

Off the peg training doesn’t work!

Why do we say this? Companies such as Forrester, Aberdeen, the Rain Group, The Sales Readiness Group and ourselves have all carried out extensive research in to “Why sales training fails to deliver”. First among the reasons is lack of reinforcement, which is why we have created Auxilium™, but importantly other important reasons include:

  1. Standard training programmes deliver too much, too soon and too fast
  2. They do not recognise individual’s needs
  3. They are not aligned to their customers’ industries and markets, and
  4. They are events, not systematic processes


Curved measuring tape. Measuring tape of the tailor.The great thing about being human beings is that we are all different. The downside is that we all have different needs. While in a group of people there will be some common needs, there will always be some unique ones. We have been around long enough to know that one size does not fit all and experience informs us that training delivered to individual needs is the most effective and sustains longer than off the peg training. I can hear the question already. “We agree with you but, that makes it really expensive doesn’t it”? The answer is Yes it could be, given the wrong provider, and that’s before you take off the value that will be lost through poor or no reinforcement. However, our unique combination face to face learning, webinars, eLearning and Auxilium™ our own learning reinforcement system makes it less expensive in real terms.

How does it work ? You ask.

menuYou will have a Personal Development Plans for your people which will identify their training and coaching needs. This is the start point. Explore our Menu and identify the training that meets the needs, be they common or unique. If something is missing worry not, we can source it from our library of materials. Think about the theme you want to run through the training. You might want it to be industry specific e.g. transport, IT services etc. When you have done this you can put it in one of our contact forms or better still call either Phil or Steve on 0141 611 9690 and we will take on board all you have and provide you with a proposal covering the training, the delivery methods, “theming” and your role in it.