The glue that makes our training stick!



Auxilium is the Latin word for reinforcement. Sustainable sales training needs reinforcement. There is though an incorrect perception that reinforcement starts  after the training has taken place, Reinforcement starts at the beginning of the training process and continues right through the process until the learning is embedded and delivering the desired outcomes. Much sales training spend is an act of faith, with no clearly defined return on investment and regrettably with little management involvement. It is for these reasons we have developed, and will continually improve Auxilium™.

“So What is Auxilium™?” Quite simply it is a system for embedding behaviour and in all cases it should be best practice. Embedding behaviour is making things happen correctly, consistently and continually. For example. When one is learning to drive the instructor repeats instructions time and time again to make sure the learner does the right things. Instructors don’t do it so that you pass the driving test, they do it to ensure you drive safely. When this behaviour is ignored problems occur. We have seen some tragic accidents when people ignore best practice. Another example is with airline pilots. Every time before they fly they go through a comprehensive pre-flight check with their first officer. Why? Because the lives of up to 600 passengers and colleagues are in their hands. This is another example of embedded behaviour.

In developing Auxilium™ we have taken best practice that we have developed over time, we have researched training providers extensively, we are working with academia and we are applying technology to make it as automatic as possible. We work with our customers to understand their baseline position in terms of skills, and the desired outcome as a result of a training intervention. We do not let the manager abrogate their management and leadership responsibilities, but we help them with them. However, we can’t stop drivers crossing their hands on the steering wheel, or indicating without looking behind first, but we make sure they know they shouldn’t do it.


The Auxilium™ System