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“87% of sales training programmes are forgotten within 30 days of attending a course”!

Neil Rackham – Renowned creator of SPIN selling

In today’s complex and massively competitive business environment, a company’s ability to sell better than their competitors is crucial.  Many companies have no sales people.  In these organisations, selling is the responsibility of the managing director, the technical director, consultants, or partners in professional firms; but these people have a “day job” as well – and schedules filled with pressing tasks that often mean sales fall by the wayside – impacting profit, stunting growth. Those companies that have professional sales people make instinctive decisions on training, often incorrectly and if not, the training process is badly implemented. Whether you have a team of salespeople or you are the sales department, our programmes can help.

So, just how can you counter the loss of training input and yet still get ahead of your competition?  The answer is a new approach to training – a re-imagining of sales concepts and a re-thinking of the tools and techniques that supercharge the results derived from training programmes.

We are The SalesPulse Academy – and some time ago we set about exploring the most effective ways to reinforce the learning from our sales training content. The result of which has been an innovative approach for training that sticks, without exception.

AuxiliumTM is our sustainable reinforcement system, which provides all attendees with the means to ensure they retain most of what they have learned.


“Improving your sales skills on site or online with AuxiliumTM, our unique reinforcement system, ensuring the content stays with you, wherever you are and no matter what your level of expertise.”

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We believe in a no nonsense approach – no hype, no jargon, no bluster.  Simply a unique, common sense package of on-site and on-line sales training that ‘sticks’, along with a range of support packages for sales and non-sales business professionals alike.

Previous clients have consistently secured impressive ROIs on our training – and now with our unique reinforcement system, it will pay for itself and much more besides!

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